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Photo by Allan Amato

Gail Potocki

Contemporary Symbolist Artist

Gail Potocki (b. 1961) is a contemporary artist whose work crosses multiple boundaries: she has been lauded by popular media (Huffington Post, Mother Jones) and pop culture art journalists (Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose), as well as celebrated in traditional art media (The New York Art WorldAmerican Artist). The paintings of Gail Potocki have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, as well as in notable and internationally distinguished institutions including The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Minneapolis Museum of ArtThe Art Gallery of Toronto, and

the H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland.


Potocki’s paintings have been on the covers of numerous books and magazines, and her collected works have been documented in the hardcover monographs

The Union of Hope and Sadness (Olympian Publishing, 2006) and Freaks (Century Guild, 2017). A documentary on her creative process titled No Witness in the Slaying of a Memory is currently in production and is expected to be completed in 2019.


Born and raised in Detroit, Potocki lives and works in Chicago.

For information about upcoming exhibitions and available artworks, click here.

"A really fantastic artist... It's refreshing to see a modern painter that has a classic, romantic touch and the skills to add a fresh facet of expression to the new period of Realism."

- Robert Williams, legendary painter and founder of Juxtapoz magazine

 "Brilliant occult portraits from the Symbolist underworld of the 21st century. More than just paintings, Gail Potocki conducts seances on canvas."

- Grant Morrison, author and psychic revolutionary

"Not since Christians were fed to the lions has a spectacle occurred to rival what is about to unfold before your very eyes..."

- Jim Rose, circus icon (from his introduction to Potocki's first monograph, 

The Union of Hope and Sadness)

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