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Gail Potocki

American (1961-)


School of Representational Art; Chicago, IL



2017        The Century Guild Museum of Art; Culver City, CA, The Seven Deadly Sins

2017        Galerie Fledermaus; Chicago, IL, The Seven Deadly Sins

2015        The Century Guild Museum of Art; Culver City, CA, Freaks

2013        The Century Guild Museum of Art; Culver City, CA, Fragmented Alice

2012        Century Guild Gallery; Chicago, IL, Retrospective 2000-2012

2008       Billy Shire Fine Arts; Culver City, CA, Opened Apples



2017        Art Gallery of Ontario; Ontario, Canada, Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters                                    

2017        Minneapolis Museum of Art; Minneapolis, MN, Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters

2016        Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Los Angeles, CA, Gullermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters

2014        Century Guild Museum of Art; Culver City, CA, Love and Other Violations           

2012        Muskegon Museum of Art; Muskegon, MI, 84th Regional Exhibition Group Show                                                   

2012       Kalamazoo Institute of Arts; Kalamazoo, MI, West Michigan Area Show   

2012       Anton Art Center; Mt. Clemens, MI, Michigan Annual XXXVIII     

2012       South Haven Center for the Arts; South Haven, MI, Centered States: Works of the Chicago Art Salon   

2011        Anton Art Center; Mt. Clemens, MI,Michigan Annual XXXVII    

2011        Kalamazoo Institute of Arts; Kalamazoo, MI, West Michigan Area Show

2011        Highland Park Art Center; Highland Park, IL, Compilation

2011        South Shore Arts; Munster, IN, Reassembled: Mike Chelich and the Chicago Art Salon

2010       Anton Art Center; Mt. Clemens, MI, Figure/Ground                                                                                     

2010       Brickton Art Center; Park Ridge, IL, Sevres: Beyond Blue 

2010       South Haven Center for the Arts; South Haven, MI, Regional Exhibition      

2009       South Haven Center for the Arts; South Haven, MI, First Annual Regional Exhibition

2008       Laguna Art Museum; Laguna Beach, CA, In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor

2006       Reflex Arts Micro Museum; Brooklyn, NY, Circus Surreal 

2006       H. R. Giger Museum; Chateau St. Germain, Gruyeres, Switzerland, Flights of Imagination

2003       Williamsburg Art and Historical Center; Brooklyn, NY, Brave Destiny (Group Surrealist Show)              

2002       Three Arts Club; Chicago, IL, Tradition and Innovation (Two-person show)



2016        LA ART; Galerie Fledermaus; Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

2016        Baton Rouge Gallery; Baton Rouge, LA, Surreal Salon 8

2015        Copro Nason Gallery; Santa Monica, CA, Roadside Attractions 

2015        Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery; Cincinnati, OH Cinema 06

2015        The Dirty Show; Detroit, MI

2014        Art Prize; Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI.

2014        La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles, CA, Temple of Art 

2014        La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles, CA, Laluzapalooza

2014        LA ART; Century Guild Gallery; Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

2014        Century Guild Gallery; Culver City, CA, Love and Other Violations II                                                      

2013        Century Guild Gallery; Culver City, CA, Grand Guignol III: Thanatos                                                       

2013        Century Guild Gallery; Chicago, IL, Grand Guignol Exhibition (Chicago)                                                

2013        La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles, CA, Laluzapalooza

2013        La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles, CA, LA Beerweek: Beer is Art                                                            

2012        La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles CA, Macabre

2012        La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles, CA, Laluzapalooza                                                   

2012        Exhibit A Gallery; Los Angeles, CA, Obey Your Master: Tribute to Metallica 

2012        Cella Gallery; North Hollywood, CA, Femme Fatale                                                  

2011        La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles, CA, La Luz de Jesus 25                      

2011        Century Guild Gallery; Chicago, IL, Grand Guignol II: Haxan 

2011        Century Guild Gallery; Chicago, IL, Nitrate + Kinogeists II

2011        Mondo Bizarro Gallery; Rome, Italy, The New Lost Generation: Return to Order in Contemporary Art

2011        Century Guild Gallery; Chicago, IL,  Love and Other Violations

2010       Century Guild Gallery; Chicago, IL, Grand Guignol                                                                                      

2010       Robert Lange Studios; Charleston, SC, Women Painting Women                                                              

2010       John Almquist Gallery; Winnetka, IL Shared Visions

2010       Grand Central Art Center; Santa Ana, CA, 100 Artists See Satan Again                                      

2010       Primitive Gallery; Chicago, IL, Improbability                                                          

2010       Roq La Rue Gallery; Seattle, WA, Lush Life                                                                       

2009       Billy Shire Fine Arts; Culver City, CA, David Anderle, Charlie Immer, Elizabeth McGrath, Gail Potocki

2009        Kunsttiendaagse Art Show; Bergen, Netherlands, The Chicago Salon

2008        Art Chicago; Jason Jacques Gallery; Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL, 

2007        Roq La Rue Gallery; Seattle, WA, Venus

2007        Palm Beach 3 Art Fair; Ann Nathan Gallery; Palm Beach, FL    

2006        WonderCon; Century Guild; San Francisco, CA, Art Nouveau and Symbolism

2006        School of Representational Art; Chicago, IL, 15 Year Anniversary Student and Alumni Show

2005        Judy Saslow Gallery; Chicago, IL, Cephalic Symbols (tribute to artist Ed Paschke)

2005        InterArt Gallery; Chelsea, NY, The Inner Eye (Society for Art of Imagination Group Show)

2004        4Art Gallery; Chicago, IL, Group Show

2003        Galleri Art; Kirkcudbright, Scotland, The Society of Art and Imagination                    

2003        Chicago Design Show; Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

2002        International Juried Symbolist Art Show; online, Curated by Susanne Iles 

2001        Building 317; Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, IL

2001        Indiana University; South Bend, IN, Representational Art Group Show

2000       School of Representational Art; Chicago, IL, Student and Alumni Show


2000-2018              Century Guild Gallery; Culver City, CA 

2013-2018               Galerie Fledermaus; Chicago, IL

2004-2016              Ann Nathan Gallery; Chicago, IL

2010-2014               Comic Con International; Century Guild Gallery, San Diego, CA



2012        First Prize; Michigan Annual XXXVIII, Anton Art Center, Mt. Clemens, MI

2011        Grand Prize; 2011 West Michigan Area Show, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo, MI

2011        Martin Maddox Award for Imaginary Realism; 2011 West Michigan Area Show, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo, MI

2010        Grand Prize; Juried Regional Art Exhibition, South Haven Center For The Arts, South Haven, MI

2006        Curators Choice Award; Circus Surreal, Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NY

2003        First Prize (Transcendental Section), Baron of Fulwood Award; Society for Art and Imagination, Kirkcudbright, Scotland

2003        Choix des Juges Award; Brave Destiny, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY

2002        Ward Rogers Distinguished Artist Award; The Society for Art of the Imagination

2002        First Prize; International Juried Online Symbolist Art Exhibition



Gail Potocki: Freaks; 30-page hardcover, Century Guild, 2017

Gail Potocki: The Union of Hope and Sadness; 208-page hardcover, Olympian Publishing, 2006



2015        Zymbol Magazine, issue #5; “Gail Potocki: Freaks and Nature.” Interview and pictorial (photo cover), 

2014        Spectrum 21: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art; John Fleskes, ed., Flesk Publications

2012        Grand-Guignol II: Haxan; by Thomas Negovan, Century Guild

2011        La Luz de Jesus 25: The Little Gallery That Could; by Billy Shire, La Luz de Jesus Press.

2011        Nitrate + Kinogeists 2; by Thomas Negovan, Century Guild 

2011        Love and Other Violations; by Thomas Negovan, Century Guild

2010        Grand-Guignol: A Tribute to the Legendary Theater of Terror; by Thomas Negovan, Century Guild

2009        In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor; by Meg Linton, Ginko Press, Inc. 

2006        Juxtapoz Magazine, issue #63; “Gail Potocki's Wordless Wisdom” Interview by Marisa Solis


2012        Altpress; “Exclusive Interview: Metallica's Kirk Hammett at the ‘Obey Your Master’ art opening” (January 27)

2011        Mother Jones;“The Environmental Art of Gail Potocki”by Julia Whitty (August 24)

2011        The Huffington Post; “Gail Potocki's Paintings Reflect Mankind's Relationship to Nature” (March 5)

2008        Boing Boing; “Gail Potocki painting show in Los Angeles” by David Pescovitz (November 14)


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